About Evita

Allow us to introduce our namesake, the woman behind the inspiration, the heart of our family not only in the kitchen but in our homes, our grandmother, Eva.

 Hers is the story like many others who moved around, crossing borders and then crossing them again, changing houses, cities, and languages.  Searching for a better life first as a young woman, then as a young bride, and again as a new mother.

 From the border town of El Paso to the small town of Concepcion de Buenos Aires, from Los Angeles to the cultural center of Mexico City, and finally to San Diego, Eva faced each change as an opportunity to build a home.  Her home was never about borders or arbitrary separations of geography.  For Eva, home was a well-set table with room for everyone.

 Whether visiting her home in Mexico City or later in her years in San Diego, our memories of her are always the same, delicious meals prepared with passion, a perfectly set table with the most beautiful linens, and pride in her presentation.

 Although our grandmother Eva is no longer with us, her legacy continues with 28 grandchildren, 32 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild. For us, this is what Eva's house was all about; family, a great love of food, a home of comfort and love.

 Our pieces are like our grandmother- proudly Mexican, with inspiration from all corners of the country, always seeking quality and, most importantly, to make a home.

Welcome to Casa Evita.